Disability Projects

INDF-UGANDA has taken affirmative action to address the needs and rights of   vulnerable groups including Disabled persons. Studies have been conducted to identify priority needs of Disabled persons. Right based policies, laws, plans and programs have been developed and the following is being advocated and provided for them
  • Economic Empowerment,  with specific interventions of forming  Savings, lobbying financial institutions for better services, training  Disabled persons in   entrepreneurship  development skills
  • Social Security – Training Disabled Persons in survivals skills
  • Food Security and Nutrition- protecting the land rights of Disabled persons- promoting nutritious feeding and good lifestyles among Disabled persons
  • Health Care and lifestyle for Disabled Persons
  • HIV and AIDS- create awareness on HIV and AIDs among Disabled persons, train Disabled persons as peer educators, mainstream HIV and AIDs in all programmes targeting Disabled persons, provide follow up and home based core for Disabled persons living with HIV and AIDs
  • Psychosocial Support and Care of disabled Persons
  • Education, training and Life Long Learning
  • Conflict and Emergencies
  • Water and sanitation- provide safe water,  hygiene and sanitation the disabled persons
  • Shelter- provide appropriate shelter for disabled persons, labour saving
  • Gender- promote gender equity and social inclusion for disabled persons, legal services, and sensitize them on their rights.
One of our beneficiaries after visiting the INDF UGANDA Main offices